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Joëlle Désy & James Nicholson - Halifax, Canada

As two food & wine enthusiasts not directly involved in the hospitality or wine industry, we were interested in furthering our knowledge of wine and spirits. We found the WSET curriculum and the course levels offered by Autour du Vin to be very appealing. Since Septembre 2014,… Read more

Dr. Richard Smart - International viticulture scientist and consultant

I met Tracey Dobbin at an educational weekend I ran in September 2013 at a vineyard near Bristol...Tracey and I decided to run a repeat course over one day in Bordeaux, to correspond with a scheduled MW course...Tracey capably managed… Read more

Isabella Ankarberg - Assistant Product Manager - Sweden

Tracey is a passionate and knowledgeable teacher who does her uttermost to make sure everyone is involved and understands what she is talking about. Her extensive knowledge about wine makes her a trustable teacher Read more

Genevieve R. - USA

Tracey is an excellent instructor. Not only is she highly knowledgeable, but her passion and enthusiasm for wine manifests itself in her teaching style. Her classes are fun, engaging and bring the subject matter to life. Tracey's courses provide students… Read more

Davide Agus - Wine Consultant - Italy

Tracey's tutoring wine guided tastings are a combination of high standards and a practical, fun approach. The wines selected and tasted communicate her passion for discovering and presenting wines both for didactic reasons and for pleasure. Read more

Benedicte Helvershou - Product Manager - Norway

Tracey is the best teacher I have ever had. She is amazingly patient and she refuses to let go before she has found the proper way to explain to me the things I don't understand, using different metaphors, approaches and… Read more

Kaitlin Lanthier - London

I had the privilege of taking some private tasting sessions with Tracey over the course of a year.  Each tasting was themed to focus on a particular region, and each class began with a detailed introduction of the region and… Read more

Priscila Frausto Torres - Project Manager Vinos y Vinos - Monterrey, Mexico

Tastings guided by Tracey Dobbin, are always a complete experience. With deep and detailed information of the theme in matter, great wine selection chosen carefully to give a full vision of the theme, and caring so much about the satisfaction… Read more

Helga Natas - Sovex Grands Chateaux - Export Manager

Sitting in Switzerland by lake Geneva and sipping some local gamay, swirling and checking out red fruits and acidity :)) omg your class was soooo interesting and I am so impressed how knowledgeable you are! And inspiring!! You have a… Read more

Wei-Ting Su - France

Tracey is a passionate and patient teacher. With her, I learned how to taste a wine professionally and figured out what can interest a wine buyer. With her, I improved my tasting skill and wine knowledge. A great learing and… Read more

Karen Nause - Halifax, Canada

As a student of Autour du Vin I wouldn't hesitate to recommend classes to anyone, whether it be someone in the trade or an enthusiast looking to learn more. Tracey has a way of using her personal experience and knowledge that not only makes the… Read more

Megan McDonald - Raymonds Restaurant - Halifax, Canada

I learned so much from you throughout the course. I since have been asked to train as a junior sommelier at Raymonds. I'm super motivated to learn more and hopefully start level 4 in the new year! Thank you for… Read more

Cheryl Doherty - Old Triangle Restaurant - Halifax, Canada

Thank you so much for all of your assistance. Your enthusiasm is infectious and you have made me a better taster, skills I would like to continue to develop. I am interested in pursuing Level 4. Read more

Lee Clarke - Newfoundland Liquor Corporation - Canada

I had the pleasure to take the WSET (2/3) course(s) offered by Tracey and Autour Du Vin. Tracey teaches with a laid-back passion. It is with this passion that she approaches her classes in comfortable and exciting way to learn… Read more

Nathan Pryor, Managing Partner, - Mainbrace International Ltd. - Halifax, Canada

Just wanted to say thanks again for your great instruction in the class this past week.  You made the experience approachable, fun, and of course educational.  I am not sure if I will pursue level 4, but I feel this… Read more

It was a pleasure tasting all those amazing wines and advancing our knowledge together.  I would love any opportunities to taste wines again with this group. Read more

It was a pleasure, first class Level 3 !! and Thank you!! we had a lovely experience learning with you, you are a great teacher. Read more